The Ghost of the Fishersgate Mariner

 by P. D. Mitchell

P.D.Mitchell was born at Southlands NHS hospital, Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex, England. He grew up in nearby Portslade-by-sea, which is near to Shoreham harbour.  In the 1960s the harbour was a huge playground for children - where rowing boats could be hired by anyone over twelve years of age.  The harbour extended over a vast distance - between Hove Lagoon in the East and the lock-gates to the West.  Beyond the lock-gates is the English Channel. 

Within the harbour area there is a place known as Fishersgate. This is where the Jolly Boatman hired out his rowing boats.  Shoreham harbour  was a place of adventure, imagination, creativity and danger for the local children.  In later years It became the inspiration for P.D.Mitchell`s book, The Ghost of the Fishersgate Mariner. 

P.D.Mitchell attended St. Mary`s school in Portslade, followed by Cottesmore senior school, in Hove, Sussex.   He later  went to Brighton Technical college - where he trained as an electrician.  After that, he spent many years working in the construction industry. 

He lived in the Sussex area for many years before re-locating to Somerset.

Works planned for the next two years is a second book about The Ghost of the Fishersgate Mariner.

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A message from P.D.Mitchell.

I started school aged 5, at St. Mary`s Portslade and left aged 11 to go to Cottesmore senior school Hove, Sussex. That was about 53 years ago. 

This year (2017) I have published my first book, The Ghost of the Fishersgate Mariner.

I should say thank you - some 53 years too late - to the wonderful Sister Grata, the catholic nun and former headmistress of my old school and her team, such as Mr Pearson, Mrs Wise and other teachers who begun the process of instilling the art of written English into my system - along with a little bit of discipline too, (well... quite a lot actually) and to the other junior nuns of the convent near East hill park, who were also my teachers, cleaners, dinner ladies and mentors and who today, produced the inspiration that forms a part of my fictional story.

The book encompasses my childhood experiences of Shoreham Harbour and Gladstone road, Portslade, where i used to live, as well as the adjoining local areas of  Fishersgate and Southwick. The book paints a picture of the children that used to live there - I was just one of them – the others, well, they know who they are.  My story also talks of adults who frequented the many pubs and clubs in the area, the sailors, dock workers, gas and electric station workers and the working class world in which they lived.

My book has a series of messages - they are messages telling that honesty prevails. This honesty is not unlike the innocence and sense of justice portrayed by some of the main characters in the very first full-length story book that I read many years ago, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (by C. S. Lewis, published by Geoffrey Bles in 1950).

The Ghost of the Fishersgate Mariner refers to the Church (now demolished) next to my old school  which was known as The Star of the Sea - though, in my story book, I convert the name of the church into a sailing ship. My story is of fantasy, pirates and smugglers - oh, and of course there are the good guys and ladies - for without the good guys and ladies, there is no story. It is a book of honesty, truth, and justice. It is a book of innocence and wonderment for those youngsters who lived in those times.

The Ghost of the Fishersgate Mariner is based on my own experiences. The book though is pure fantasy and I just love composing stories that others can read and enjoy.

My website is - or you can find me on Twitter.  P.D.Mitchell@ghostlystory

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